Dutch citizens who were killing Krajina Serbs

Rotterdam – in 2008. the State prosecution of Rotterdam launched investigation against 13 Dutch citizens suspected to have committed crimes against Serbian civilians and prisoners in the action called ‘Medacki dzep’ in the villages near Gospic, Croatia in the year of 1993. These 13 people were members of Croatian army.

The investigation has been launched on the basis of testimonies given by Serbs that survived the crime and statements given by Canadian soldiers from the UN contingent that entered Medacki dzep after the attack.


The investigation revealed that the late Johan Tilder of the Town of Enkhauzen in Holland was commander of the 9th Croatian brigade stationed in Gospic that took part in operations in Medacki dzep. According to the witnesses, Tilder with several other men was torturing a man whose eyes were dug out. Some of the suspected Dutch citizens also spoke about his crimes. The suspected Raymond van der L said that Tilder told him about operations at Medacki dzep. Van der L was a member of Croatian army and is living in Zagreb today.

The funeral of British mercenary John Rowley (killed in action), Lanista village, northern Bosnia, 29th August 1992. British, French, Czech and Canadian mercenaries, who fought against Serbs, together with Croatian soldiers of 108 Brigade HVO are present.Image

“ We had also authorized a private company to use retired US military personnel to improve and train the Croatian army.“
Bill ClintonMy Life, Vol II
The Presidential Years, p265, 2004, 2005 Image


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