EVENT: Music of Old Serbia; Stunning photos of today in London, October 25th



Mark Friday 25th October on your calendar as Pro Art presents a musical evening from old Serbia featuring singer Darko Đorđević from the Belgrade National Theatre. The programme offered will feature some of the the most memorable tunes of the national repertoire. Here, you will hear the one of the few sources of culture that could be expressed during centuries of Ottoman occupation. The program of romantic composers of the 19th and early 20 century includes Stanislav Binički, Isidor Bajić, Kosta Manojlović, Peter Konjović, Stevan Hristić and Milojе Milojević.

The 19th century was a time of independence for Serbia with a rising surge of patriotism and the influence of romantic poets and musicians from Europe. Impressionist and expressionist Serbian poets flourished, namely: Jovan Ilić, Duško Milačić, Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj, Aleksa Santić and even some European poets: Paul Verlaine, Charles Guillain and Lope de Vega.

Stanislav Binički is the composer of one of the most famous anthems of national identity – March on the Drina. Isidor Bajić composed Prince Ivo of Semberia the romantic folklore opera based on the Serbian Uprising against the Turks. The program also includes a traditional Romanian folk tune, The Lark (Grigorash Dinicu 1889-1945-6), which became a popular tune among all the Balkan nations – and still is.

This performance is branded BISER:

B eautiful
I nspiring
S erbian
E thno
R omances

See details of this unforgettable evening here.

The Bird’s Eye Photographs of Dragoljub Zamurović

Pro Art will also presents an exhibition of photographs entitled “SERBIA geographical wonder in the Balkans” from Dragoljub Zamurović under the umbrella of the the Mobile Balkan project. Dragoljub, born in Niš in 1947, is a post-graduate from Belgrade University in his art. His award-winning images have been published in internationally renowned publications as Time, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Stern, Paris-Match, Figaro Magazine, Geo, Europeo and National Geographic.

This time, bAIseR means “a kiss from the air” with his stunning, hot-air balloon photographs of Serbia. The exhibition is free and runs from Monday 28 October – Saturday 2 November. Dragoljub’s books and monographs will be available for sale throughout and he has generously donated books to the Serbian Library.

There will also be a lecture at 6.30pm on Tuesday 29 October, speaker and pricing to be announced.


source: http://www.ebritic.com/?p=272049


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