Did Serbs construct the tower of Babel?

“Mezi jinými Srbové, (Amongst other Serbs,)
тu kdežto bydlí Rekové, (where Greeks dwell,)
podle more se usadili, (near the sea settled,)
až do Ríma se rozminožili.” (and to Rome they spread.)

Chronicle of Dalimil (Chapter 1, lines 29-32)



Before you start throwing rocks at me I have to tell you that this is not my idea – it comes from a famous medieval text – „the chronicle of Dalimil“! Still, chances are that you never heard of this text and for me this is a good enough reason to make a post about it.

So what is this „Chronicle of Dalimil“ you ask now? Well, it is a very important document for Czech people, because it is the first known text written in Czech language, somewhere in the first quarter of the XIV century. The text was also translated in German and had many re-editions in this part of the world due to it’s enormous popularity.


„Chronicle of Dalimil“

In brief, this text provides us with chronological history of the Slavs, starting with the most ancient of times and finishing with the important events of the XIV…

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